Our Team

We have a team of experienced tradesmen and mechanical plumbers who work hard to produce quality products and systems to the highest industry standards, on time and on budget! Our core team includes:

Team MemberExperience
Clifford WilsonClifford is the founder and director here at Clifford Wilson Mechanical Services and has over 20 years’ experience and specialisation in pipework, refrigeration, electrical and ventilation installation. He’s worked with an impressive range of clients including Nestlé Foods (PNG), Logan Hospital and Gold Coast Hospital. He’s worked on projects such as the CSR Bradford Insulation projects in Brendale, which at the time of its completion was the largest installation performed in Queensland.
Mike PaezMike has over 30+ years’ experience working in the mechanical plumbing industry and has been with our team for over 6 years. He’s an experienced manager foreman and has worked in multiple states such as Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales for a range of our largest projects. Some of his most notable include: The Cairns South Health Facility, Matthew Hall, A.G. Coombs and AE Smith.
Glen FudalaGlen served his apprenticeship at Siganto and Stacey in Brisbane. He has over 20 years’ experience in the mechanical plumbing sector and has worked with us for 2 years. Glen also has 5 years’ experience working in oil and gas, 2 years working in subcontracting and 15 years in HVAC. He’s worked on larger projectors with some top tier T01 contractors, and also has experience as a manager foreman. His experiences working on oil and gas throughout Australia and overseas include projects such as working overseas in PNG and the Cairns South Health Facility.
Cameron CallaghanCameron has 10 years’ expe­­rience in sanitary plumbing and 16 years’ experience in mechanical plumbing. He’s been working with our team for one year and is experienced as a manager foreman. Cameron has worked on projects throughout Australia and overseas including: Christmas Island Det. Centre, Riparian Plaza, Wacol Prison and The Cairns South Health Facility