Recent Projects

Some of our recent projects include:

Company/LocationJob Description
Browns Plains TAFEGlen Fudala, Cameron Callaghan and Mike Paez were hard at work on a project from Dec 2020-Feb 2021 at Browns Plains TAFE. They replaced pipework to 2 ceiling cassettes and 1 FCU, replaced the chilled water and condenser pipework for a new chiller, and also welded on 3 off stainless steel studs for sacrificial Anodes to water boxes.  
Queensland University of TechnologyGlen and Cameron in June 2020 started a project decommissioned and disconnected the removal of the Tri-Gen system, he absorption chiller, and the heat exchanges and pumps.
Griffith University, Nathan CampusOur team installed a new pipe and magflow in March 2021.
Enoggera Army BarracksWe installed a new Cattini Suction Plant and Cattini dental air compressors. We also serviced 10 new dental chairs.
Queensland Children’s Hospital  We did a chilled beam installation, an upgrade of secondary pumps, heat exchangers and installed 2 air handling units on the Level 11 floor of the Queensland Children’s Hospital for AG Coombs.  
Princess Alexandra Hospital  Glen and Cameron relocated a steam header and to renew all of the valves on it.  
Royal Brisbane Hospital Central Energy Plant  We completed chiller repairs to condenser water, replaced rusted out guides for divider plates and installed new rubber gaskets.
Queen StreetWe went out to replace a rusted out 250mm steel condensed water pipe with a 250mm stainless steel pipe at 470 Queen Street. We prefabricated the new pipe in our workshop and fitted it onsite over the weekend. We all had to come up and down through the stairwell for this job.
Turbot Street   Our team had to crawl underneath the Lands Building over Turbot Street (between the QLD Rail and Property Office). The pipe support had broken away from the ceiling so we needed to install and set new anchors into the slab above, including X-Rays and installing new brackets. Some of the pipe brackets had even failed in the ceiling and we had to use high pressure airbags to lift the pipe up back into its original position.  
Ann StreetMike Paez, Glen Fudala, Clifford Wilson and Cameron Callaghan from February – March 2021 replaced hoses on AC units at Tabcorp, 180 Ann Street.
Tank StreetMike and Dean Romer went to Pressfit Copper at 40 Tank Street to install and replace 2 x 65mm ball valves and install a condenser water pipework 50mm.
Arnott’s Factory  We worked on 120m worth of pre-insulated liquid CO2 supply and return pipes.  
Decon in HemmantWe installed the guttering for the building. This job had interesting weather conditions to deal with, as there was an industrial fire around the corner and a lot of heavy rain.
ABB  We modified an 11,000-volt switch – turning it from a manual switch to a pneumatic switch.  
Brookside Shopping Centre  We replaced springs, including modifying chilled water and condenser water connections. We also raised the cable try to three carrier chillers.  

Past Projects

As a privately owned company that’s been established since 1998, throughout our 20 years in operation we’ve provided high quality engineering services for the commercial and industrial sectors. Some of past projects include:

Company/LocationJob Description
Cairns HospitalFor this project our boys Mike and Dean got to live up in Cairns for a few months working on a brand-new Cairns South Health Facility, along with CBM Services Group. It was a $25M project where our team was responsible for installing the chilled water and heating water systems, and medical gas.

CSR Bradford Insulation project in Brendale, QLDWe installed cooling water to furnace through Rotameters in Mapress. At the time of the project, it was the largest installation performed in Queensland.

Storey Hotel250mm steel pipe was leaking on level 37 of 67 Storey Hotel. We installed new pipe pieces to remedy the leaking pipe.

Port MoresbyWe installed the Plant Room for Chilled Water Pumps and Buffer Tank at BSP Bank head office in Port Moresby.

Gibson Island Wastewater Treatment Plant  In November 2019 we went out to the Gibson Island Wastewater Treatment Plant to install Reverse Osmosis Filters.  
Stewart Kerlin  In early 2020, we did maintenance repairs on the Stewart Kerlin for the Redland Bay Water Police.